Monday, November 20, 2017

Silent Reading

I read from 64-77

What I just read
The circus started and Mr. Belly Bounce(Ray) was excited and nervous, well Mr. Belly Bounce was bumping off people Bingo-Bonga tripped Mr. Belly Bounce by an accident and Mr. Belly Bounce fell down on on Mr.Haha Face. When the circus was over Mr.Haha Face pulled Mr.Belly Bounce out of the tent and asked Mr. Belly Bounce why he made
 him fall down and Mr. Belly Bounce said " Bingo-Bonga's shoe made me trip and I fell on you and then Mr.Haha Face said so it was Bingo-Bonga's fault and Mr. Belly Bounce said " No". Then Mr.Haha Face said " You are just want Bingo-Bonga to be punished.

TO BE CONTINUED.................................

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My typing Test

I am practising my typing so I can be quicker and more accurate.
This will help me finish my work faster.



On Monday my WPM result was 28 and today it is 35.

I have been practising so my result is higher and I can type quicker.

My Basic Facts Test

I am testing how quickly I can remember my Basic Facts.

I need to remember my Basic Facts because they are the knowledge I need to help me with strategies to solve Maths problems.



On Monday I got 47/60. I got 1 column right and that is the first column. The rest of the columns are on 9/10, 4/10, 7/10 and 8/10.

On Thursday I got 53/60. I got 2 columns right and the rest are mostly on 9/10 and the second column was 6/10.

I know that my high score will get better and higher.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Silent Reading

I read from 55-64

What I just read
When it was the night Ray could hear someone saying "Ray... Ray... Ray". When Ray looked outside he saw nothing and he went outside. When Ray was walking down the second step he triped and and fell down on something soft and smelly and it was pieces of fish. The next morning all of the clowns gathered up in the tent and Ray asked Uncle Theo "who would do such a thing like that to me" and Uncle Theo said "I'm not sure, but eat your breakfast because we have a long day rehearsing. Then Uncle Theo took Mr.Belly Bounce(Ray) to the tent and started rehearsing. Uncle Theo showed Mr.Belly Bounce(Ray) around and then told Mr.Belly Bounce(Ray) all of there names.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Silent Reading


                                                         I read from 25-34

                                     What I just read

Uncle Theo showed Ray around and when they got to   a water tank Ray wanted to see it, but Uncle Theo held Ray's shoulders and said " Don't go there and ignore that clown", but Ray still looked back and when Ray looked back she saw a boy tossing baseballs to the target and then Uncle Theo turned him around. After that Ray still looked back and when she looked back the boy got the target and the chair collapsed and the clown fell down and was struggling to get up. Then the water went down the drain and Ray was surprised because the clown wasn't there when the water was gone. When the water was gone some people laughed and some clapped. When it was 3 o'clock Uncle Theo and Ray went to the tent where all the clowns met up and eat before they go on stage.

         TO BE CONTINUED................................................